The underpainting is dry, so it’s time to begin painting!

I include the shot of the set-up above, so you can see how far my first layer of paint (shown below) is from being a good representation of it! Since I use a layered approach, which depends on the subtleties resulting from the interactions of many layers, the first layer always looks odd. No dark glazes have been added yet, so there are no shadows. Also, the colors aren’t really correct yet, since I can’t judge them properly until more paint is down.

I put one glaze of green on the green book just to kill the yellow. It’ll take a few more glazes to get it to be the right color and value. I decided to use a dark glaze on the blue book later, so I painted it lighter than it should be.

Above, the under-painting has been covered with the first layer of paint. I noticed that the blue book looks too thin. I’m surprised I didn’t notice this before! I can still fix it, though. I’ll move the left edge over a bit at my next session. This layer of paint will need to dry thoroughly before I can begin glazing and painting over it. I’ll wait about a week, and then check on it.