Above is the painting before glazing (except for the green glaze on the book).

Above, I’ve added the first glaze of ultramarine blue and raw sienna in the shadows. I wiped off most of the glaze, leaving only a thin layer. I’ll add more glazes later. I like to do this slowly, in layers, if I’m unsure of how dark I want the shadows to be. Now, you can clearly see the background colors shining through. This can be a nice effect if you want the shadow to look luminous. It doesn’t matter so much if the shadows are ultimately going to be black. I also put some paint on the yellow flourite crystal. I’m not going into much detail yet. I also noticed that the blue book looked a bit thin. I added some width to the side on the left.

I’ll let these glazes dry before I proceed. Now that the values are closer to being correct, I’ll be able to do some real painting at the next session.