As I was studying the painting, I thought that maybe the tabletop edge needed more interest. I had painted a small ding in the edge to break up the line, but maybe this wasn’t enough.

When I first painted the table top, I had decided to ignore the striated pattern on the edge, and just painted it as one tone. Below, you can see what it really looks like.

I thought I’d try painting the striped pattern in. If I didn’t like it, it’d be easy to wipe off, or even paint over when it dried.

Above you can see the re-painted edge. I just roughed it in to see what it looked like. If I like it, I’ll put in more detail.

Here’s what it looks like with a smooth finish.

I think I like it. I’ll live with it for a few days. If I decide against it, I’ll just paint over it! Oil paint is very forgiving that way.