The painting is mostly complete. Values, colors and shapes are pretty accurate. Now I can spend some time carefully observing and recording subtle details such as reflected lights, exact colors, edge quality, and comparative values. I couldn’t work on these things earlier, because all areas weren’t complete and available for comparison (essential for painting accurately), and also there was no point addressing small details if the larger objects weren’t correct first.

This is also a good time to see if there is anything about the painting that I’m dissatisfied with. This can be difficult since I’m so immersed in the painting that it’s hard to be objective. I did notice, though, that I’ve always been unhappy with the turquoise. Something about it’s shape displeased me. Also, I never seemed to be able to get it to look bright enough. Below are photos of the dish and stones as it stood, and after I worked on it.

The biggest change was that I altered the shape of the turquoise where the long ridge casts a shadow. I was able to make the change pretty easily since I wasn’t changing anything major. A major change would have been hard for me to invent in a convincing way. The altered shape looks much more pleasing to my eye. I then added many details, highlights and shadows, always trying to observe carefully. Much of this was very hard to see before, but now seemed comprehensible. I put in some reflected lights from the turquoise down onto the dish. Last, I glazed pure phthalo blue in a few areas. I worked on the stone a little bit, softening edges, refining the reflected light from the turquoise, and adding a few streaks. I brightened the top left side of the dish, and added a highlight at the front edge. I repainted the right side, muting the blue reflection, and brightening the rim.

Overall, I think that the dish and stones look more refined and life-like.