The first layer of paint on the bricks on the left were dry enough for me to apply my first glaze over. I mixed raw umber, ultramarine blue and some glaze medium and brushed onto the shadow area freely. I then wiped off a bit with a cotton pad to leave a light layer.

Next I applied the same glaze to the second brick. I wiped off more of the glaze this time because this brick is lighter. You can see how the texture from the last layer is accentuated by the glaze sitting in the hollows.

Next I refined the basket. I darkened the blue area on the left with a glaze of phthalo blue and a bit of burnt sienna to dull it down a bit. I then painted in the darks and picked out some highlights. I repainted the light area, also putting in some darks and lights. I began to indicated the markings on the weave. I muted the lines separating each layer of the coil. I then darkened the outside of the basket with a warm glaze of transparent golden ochre and a bit of cobalt blue. Finally, I put another layer of glaze on the shadow on the inside on the right.

I scumbled some light paint over the lit areas of the bricks. I finished putting the local colors down on the left side of the paperweight. I’ll pause here. The rest of the painting should be dry in a few days. I’ll have to wait to continue with my glazing!