First, I removed the tracing paper on which I painted the value study, so I could work on the drawing underneath.

Above, I drew the corrections I had painted in the value study. You can see where I erased and changed the positions of the bricks. While I was at it, I narrowed brick #1 on its right side, and made a few more adjustments all over.

Above, I taped some tracing paper over my drawing. I’ll now trace the drawing so that I can transfer it to my canvas.

Above, I’ve started tracing. At this stage, I like to keep things neat, so I use a ruler to draw the straight lines. As I paint, I’ll loosen up on the straightness. It’s easy enough to get less straight as you paint, but much harder to get straighter once you’ve lost it!

Above, I’m removing the tracing from the drawing.

Here’s the finished tracing.

Now I have to turn the tracing into transfer paper. To do this, I flip over the tracing and scribble with a soft pencil over the areas where there are lines.

Now the transfer paper is complete. All I need now is my canvas to arrive so I can transfer the drawing to it and begin painting.