I’m still waiting for my stretched canvas to arrive. I’m so relieved that the company that makes them is still working! I was talking with the owner the other day, inquiring after my canvas, and he told me that he had a one that he had stretched for someone who ended up not wanting it. He asked if I’d like it. It was 24″ square. Squares are notoriously difficult to compose in. I have only used a square canvas once. Maybe I can blame it on a hoarding mentality in response to Covid-19, but I told him yes! Now I’m in the difficult position of having to compose a picture starting from the size and shape of the canvas, instead of my normal method, of letting the objects I’m going to paint tell me what size and shape would best suit them, and then ordering the canvas. I think that I’m up for a challenge about now! Tomorrow I’ll take a shot at setting something up. I have no idea what I’ll do. I hadn’t thought of a new idea since I’ve been focusing on my brick painting. Stay tuned.