Above is the value study as I left it last. I find that my eye is drawn to the shadow cast by the black vase onto the center brick. I don’t like this. I thought I’d try to move the shadow over to the left, so that only a sliver of light is left on its left side.

Above, you can see the correction. (Please forgive the photo which is a bit light.) I actually didn’t move the shadow much. Instead, I shifted the whole brick over to the right about a 1/4′. This change increased the gap between bricks #2 and 3, and decreased the gap between bricks #3 and 4. Now bricks #3 and 4 were too close, so I narrowed brick #4 a bit to keep a small gap. I also added some detail in the vase’s shadow. This made it seem more like a textured brick and less like a black hole. Overall, I am pleased. The shadow isn’t bothering me now.

I also moved the shell over a bit to the right.. Now I’m ready to draw these changes on the drawing.