My goal today is to cover the whole canvas with paint. That’s a lot of surface to cover!

Above, I’ve started on the scarf. I’m thinning the paint with just a little Turpenoid so that it flows easier. This way, I can control the edges. I don’t want to lose the drawing underneath. As before, I’m keeping everything very light in value. I work from left -to-right so that I don’t smear the paint. I don’t use a mahl stick, so I have to be careful. Both the links and the crystal on the bracelet are very complex. I don’t want to waste time on painting them in detail in the underpainting, since I would just have to re-paint them in the over-layer. I barely suggest their basic forms. That’ll do for now.

I had changed the position of the lamp cord in my study, but didn’t adjust my drawing. I’ll just paint it free-hand here, in the underpainting, without a drawing to guide me. You can see its new position, above.

I very simply indicated the folds in the dark band on the lamp. That’ll be enough to help me when I start to paint. Again, never waste effort in the under-painting. It’s just a guide.

It’s finished! I painted very thinly, so it should be ready to paint on in a few days.