I decided to work on the sandstone again. Below is how it stood after my first attempt. It has such a complicated surface, that it was hard to begin this first try. I was trying to make sense of all of the subtle shapes and colors, but all I could do was roughly indicate the basics. Now it was time to get more specific.

Below is my second attempt. As always, after I had a base down, I could begin to see where the shapes of the moss and the sandstone were wrong, and where colors needed to be adjusted. I found that it was very hard getting myself to concentrate on these details- it all seemed too much! I kept at it, though, and slowly, after I accepted that it would be a long, meticulous process, the work began to flow. It became fun! Details like this aren’t crucial for the success of the composition as a whole, but it’s important to give the viewer something to study and enjoy when they get up close with the painting.

I added details at the top edge of the sandstone, and indicated the shadows it casts onto the wall. You can also see that I’ve begun to add the bits of orange fibers in the rice paper on the back wall. I also added warm reflected lights into the shadow on the left, cast by the sandstone onto the back wall.