The line where the back wall meets the left side wall was sloppy. The underpainting was showing through. Sometime this can be a good thing, but I didn’t think it looked good here. Also the drawing had gotten a bit lost, so the line wasn’t straight.

Below, I’ve corrected the line. I repainted the areas on both sides of it, then mixed a color midway between these. I applied this new color right on the line, and blended well into both sides.

Above, you can see the correction.

I decided that the back wall above the basket handle shadow was too bright. Above, you can see this (though this is a photo from several weeks ago). It was drawing attention away from the subject. I went back and checked my original photo of the set-up and it was darker. I liked it more. Glazing to darken it wouldn’t work in this case because the wall is still very light. The dark glaze would get stuck in the many brush strokes and look uneven and dirty. Re-painting was the way to go. I mixed a slightly darker version of the color that was there, and a few in-between colors blending down to the bright color right above the basket handle shadow.

Above is the repainted wall. (I already showed this picture in a previous post when I talked about repainting the shadow on the back wall. The new shadow is better!)

To indicate the texture of the rice paper, with its little orange bits and raised surfaces, I painted some very delicate short lines with thick paint over the back wall. Some of these catch the light shining onto the canvas and cast little shadows. This nicely mimics the way the light plays on the actual paper.