It was hard to jump into drawing again after a few day’s break. It takes a lot of concentration! The position of the thick diagonal bamboo piece seemed wrong to me, so I moved it over a bit to the right with more of a slant. This change made positioning other pieces work better. I’m amazed that after all of this time that I’ve worked on it, the drawing can still be wrong! The best time to catch a mistake is the first glance I take at the drawing after being away from if for a day. After those first few moments, I can feel my brain beginning to accept whatever is already drawn as correct. I’m not sure why this happens. Maybe it’s that I want it to be right, so I ignore the evidence of my eyes. Maybe it’s that as I draw, I start focusing on small details, which takes my brain away from seeing the big picture. In either case, my advise is to use those first moments to be critical!

I’m continuing to join up the strips and add more of them. I’m sticking to the well-lit ones now. The shadowy ones are hard to see, even with my overhead room light turned on (as it won’t be when I begin painting.) In a way it doesn’t matter if the ones in shadow are perfectly correct, since they won’t be seen much, but I like to know that at least the major strips are correct, so that when I paint in a few suggested pieces in shadow, they’ll be in a believable position.