As most major strips of bamboo seemed to be in the right places, I started to add the secondary ones. It was gratifying to see that most bits were lining up properly with adjoining bits! In some cases, there seemed to be too much space between strips. I found that often this was a result of the strip itself not being drawn wide enough.

Above, I began adding many of the smaller pieces, correcting their size and direction as I went. I started drawing the weave of the bamboo going up the handles, and more of the details around the rim. I kept checking the beginning and end points of the strips using my knitting needle held vertically. I held it out in front of me, lining it up on the actual basket with the spot that I was drawing. I checked if that spot lined up on the same vertical line with another easily recognizable spot on the basket that was already drawn and of which I was fairly certain. I then marked that spot on my drawing. I’ll just keep plugging away! It’s hard to rush this part.