wrinkled-paper-66.jpgI continued to refine the paper at this session. Below you can see how it looked at the beginning, after my first block-in. The underpainting is still showing through in places, and the shapes of the wrinkles is approximate. Edges are sharp, and the colors are not quite right. Above, you can see how I’ve subdued the paper’s greenish cast, refined the drawing, covered more of the underpainting, and more carefully observed and rendered edges.

Wrinkled Paper #38

The shadow cast onto the right side of the orange bowl from the wall on the right actually looked like two shadows- one darker and one fainter. I considered simplifying it and painting it as one shadow, but I’m always more successful when rendering what I see, so I tried to paint it as it was. Below, you can see the result. I like it! I’ll need to work on it some more. I found it very difficult to see how these shadows interacted with the horizontal ridges on the vase. Maybe it will become clearer to me at my next session.

Wrinkled Paper #68

I decided to darken the large shadow area on the right to make the painting look more like my original conception. I’m going slow, though. It’s easy to add a glaze, but impossible to remove it! The photo below has a glare at the top center, but otherwise gives a good representation of how the painting currently stands.

Wrinkled Paper #67