Wrinkled paper #18I thought I’d construct all of the patterns on the vase using perspective. The one above is the most complicated. I chose the vertical to the left of the descending ‘L’ to calculate. I’ll extrapolate the rest of the parts. I used the same principles as for the zig-zags.

Wrinkled Paper #19

Above, I’ve transferred the pattern onto my drawing. Also, you can see the corrected zig-zag pattern.

Wrinkled Paper #21

Next, the checkerboard pattern!

Wrinled Paper #22

I decided to redraw the pointed triangle pattern at the top, even though I had eye-balled it. I’m all about precision now!

Wrinkled Paper #22

I probably won’t always go to the trouble of calculating similar patterns in the future unless they are very complicated. But as I mentioned before, doing it has given me a new understanding of how curved patterns behave.