To begin the painting, I laid in the tan background color on the wall and tabletop, painting the shadows in a much lighter value than I’ll want ultimately. Later, I’ll glaze a darker tone over the shadows. This will make them appear transparent and glowing. Next I painted the orange box. I indicated the large shapes and ignored details for now (such as the rivets and edges). It is always easier to begin with the larger, simpler shapes. Until these are painted, it is very difficult to see and place details. Seeing and Painting Complex Forms Once the painting is covered with a layer of paint in the local colors, I can see the whole and can I begin to judge if the colors and values are correct. There is no point in taking the time to paint in details that I’d probably have to repaint later. I also kept the shadows lighter on the box in preparation for glazing them later.

Silver Bowl & Orange Box-first paint layer

The silver bowl was by far the most difficult thing to see properly. There were so many facets and reflections! I tried to keep things very simple and to get the basic shapes more or less correct. I knew that I’d be returning to this bowl over and over.  The reflections off of the bowl were so bright that I put a small piece of black cardboard over the brightest spots. It’s hard to see with spots in front of your eyes!

Silver Bowl and Orange Box-First layer completed