My value study is dry enough to make corrections. Below you can see how I left it. I can see now that I need to make many of the lights lighter and the darks darker. Also, I notice that there is too much space between the bag and the vase.

Below, I have made many value adjustments. The wall on the left and the tabletop needed to be lighter. The mirror frame and the ribbon needed to be darker. Overall, I made the composition have more contrast between dark and light. I then added highlights and a few more details. I moved the vase closer to the handbag and made the ribbon thicker.

Below you can see the level of finish. It’s very rough as compared to a painting, but it serves to help me see the composition and make these adjustments.

It’s interesting to see how adding the highlights adds to the sense of reality and sparkle.

My next step is to transfer all of these changes to the drawing underneath. When that is complete, I’ll transfer the drawing to my canvas.