The painting of the label began with the barest suggestion of its color, while I tried to retain the position of the lettering from the drawing.

Below, I’ve adjusted the color a bit and glazed in a shadow.

As I suspected, it was too hard to retain the drawing underneath and also get a smooth transition of tone across the label, so I decided to paint over the lettering guidelines. I’ll just have to re-draw the letters free-hand! Below is the re-painted label. I also added the gold border and the bent corner at the top right. I noticed that the ellipse at the top of the label was too wide, so I made it shallower.

Below, I’ve made my first attempt at the lettering. For the smallest type, I’ve just indicated a line. I’ll try to make this look like lettering at my next session. It’s too small to read, of course, so I’ll try to merely suggest it. I find lettering very tricky to get right! The bigger letters, of course, need to be legible, but not to stand out too much. I’ve observed the bent corner and revised it a bit, sharpening its shadow.