My goal today is to cover all of the underpainting with my first layer of paint. I’m not going for a finished look now. Since I judge values and colors by comparing with adjacent areas, I won’t be able to judge correctly until more paint is down. All of the shapes aren’t quite right yet, either. As I build up the paint gradually, I keep correcting.

I knew as I was painting the driftwood, that the colors weren’t right. I tried not to let that bother me. I consider this my getting-to-know-you phase of the painting, where I’m learning about all of the complex shapes and colors. I tend to over-state them now, but that’s part of the process of seeing and learning. I can tone these areas down later.

The colors on the bowl and geode were particularly subtle and obscure. I know that I didn’t get it right, but I’m confident that when I look at them in a few days, the difference between reality and my canvas will be glaringly obvious, and corrections won’t be too hard.

I glazed in the first layer of the cast shadows. I like to do this as soon as the under-layer is dry enough because it’s much easier to judge the values of the surrounding areas. It’s also very satisfying!

I’ll let this dry for a few days, then I’ll add the glazed shadow cast by the wall on the right over the sandstone. After that, the painting will look more like it’s supposed to.