I was eager to put a glaze down on the rear part of the handle. It’s very satisfying to have part of the composition that is in shadow actually look darker. Also, it’s fun to do! I’ll wipe some of the glaze away with a lintless cloth so that the details will show through.

Above you can see the result. I still have to work on the edges and will selectively restate parts of the handle in shadow to bring out the lighter parts slightly.

It was also time to tackle the nest, at least in a cursory fashion. I’ve never painted anything like it before, and was a bit nervous about it. I had an idea that if I first painted in a dark background tone, I could just pick out the light straw bits with a thin brush. Above is my first experiment. I like the effect. Later I’ll make it more specific, but for now, I’m just relieved that I have a beginning.

The next thing I did was to scumble a light tone over the wall on the left side at the top. Above you can see the before and after shots. Soon I’ll clean up the vertical where the left wall meets the back wall. It’s a bit of a mess!

Here’s a shot of the studio!