I’ve mixed up 9 values of burnt sienna and lead white for my underpainting. I’ve numbered them right on the palette. I find that makes it easier to remember which is which! For a detailed discussion of the under-painting, see https://lindamann.blog/2018/04/15/the-underpainting-2/

I’ve begun with the bigger areas. As always, I’m working in very light values as compared to what they’ll be in the finished painting. The finished paint layer looks more luminous with a lighter value beneath it. I’m also painting very thinly, both because it’ll dry faster and because I don’t want any brush strokes showing through to my final paint layers. Any visible brush strokes at this early stage wouldn’t be well-considered, and I don’t want them to interfere with subsequent layers.

Above, I’ve started on the basket. It’s painstaking work at first, seeing where all of the little bits go.

Here’s where I’ll leave it for the day. It’ll take quite a few sessions to get that basket done!