Japanese basket #119

There always comes a day when suddenly, the painting seems just about finished! The changes I’ll make from now on will be subtle, but still important.

When done painting for the day, I usually place the painting in my hallway where I often walk by. I keep a notepad and pencil there, so that I can write down any corrections that occur to me. Sometimes I turn the painting upside down, or on it’s side, so I can get a fresh view of the composition. My notes from today read:

  1. Shade the values more on the left diagonal bamboo band from dark to light, from left to right, so that the right-most ones are lightest.
  2. Soften the edge on the shadow cast by the orange box onto the tabletop on the far right.
  3. Fix irregularity in paint on the yellow background on the top adjacent to the shadow cast by orange box.
  4. Soften edges on right-side handle on bronze box.
  5. Think about changing the shape of the fabric fold to the right of the orange geode to be less straight.
  6. Soften edges of bamboo strips at top front edge and make the light appear to bounce off of them into the darkness above.

Japanese basket #120

Japanese basket #1232

Above is the basket after my last session.