Japanese basket #49

My canvas has finally arrived! Before I can begin painting, I need to get my drawing onto it. First, I tape tracing paper onto the drawing and trace all of the lines in pencil.

Japanese basket #51

Below is the finished tracing untaped from my drawing.

Japanese basket #46

I flip the tracing over to the wrong side, and using a soft pencil, I scribble over all of the areas containing lines that I want to transfer.

Japanese basket #54

After trimming the excess paper away, so the tracing is the exact size of the canvas, I tape the tracing paper, right side up, to the canvas, and carefully trace all of the lines, using a hard pencil.

Japanese basket #55

As I lift up the tracing below, you can see all of the marks transferred to the canvas.

Japanese basket #56

The tracing process always results in some loss of detail. Any time you are drawing without reference to the set-up, precision is lost, and to some extent, you are guessing.  I have to go back to the set-up and correct any errors that found their way in.

Japanese basket #53

Next I’ll spray a light coating of fixative on the canvas to set the pencil, so that it won’t dissolve when I apply the first paint layer. Then, I’ll finally be ready to paint!