Now that I’ve completed a few painting sessions with my ‘Colored Block’ painting, I want to make some changes. I knew it was risky using four objects in a composition. It can tend to look very ‘square’ and without a focal point. I realize now that all of my four objects are calling for attention and that I haven’t decided which one of them is most important. (How did I neglect that?) Looking at it now, I think I’d like either the colored blocks or the crystal sphere to be my focal point. The problem with the blocks is that where they’re sitting, so far to the left, is an awkward position for a focal point. It’s not where the eye would naturally go. The crystal is a bit better, but is still rather low. The way the painting stands now, the blocks draw the most attention because of their bright colors. However, the eye is also drawn to contrasts of dark and light, so the black vase says ‘look at me!.’

I think that before I decide on the focal point, I’ll address the problem of the ‘squareness’ of the composition. Now, there’s a subtle shadow cast from the left over the whole set-up. I think I’ll increase this shadow to encompass the left side of the vase and some of the blocks. This will tend to unify them, making them read more as one shape instead of two. It’ll also add a bit of drama to the set-up, which now looks somewhat flat. After I do this, I can get a better idea of what the focal point should be. I expect it’ll be the sphere, but you never know until you try!