I corrected the composition, and have started the value study for ‘White Vase, 3 Crystals and Cloth.’ I’m struck by how uninspiring the composition is to me in black and white. It’s really all about the color in this one. Of course, the values need to be right, too. Next week, I’ll make any changes I decide on, transfer the drawing to canvas, and begin painting!

There won’t be many glazes on this painting. It will mostly be direct painting with a few glazes for intense color and the few dark areas. I’d love to get the background wall to look like a Vermeer wall. If only I could figure out how to paint one! Sometimes I think that he used a different texture paint- dryer and thicker than modern, fluid paints. A dryer paint would leave a nicer brush mark. As it is, the more fluid paint leaves a pronounced mark, making it difficult to represent a plaster wall. I could smooth out all strokes with a fan brush, but that’s not the look I want, either.

I decided to use a raw sienna underpainting. It adds a nice glow that works well for my paintings done in natural light. All of this cloth is going to be challenging to see and paint! There are so many subtleties of value and color. I find that natural light has this quality much more than artificial. I’m not sure why.