Here I’m showing some of the steps I go through when doing a painting. Starting at the upper left and moving clockwise, the first photo is of a page of photos I took with a digital camera of possible set-ups. I framed the one I liked best with a paper view-finder. I have no photo of the next step, which is to do a detailed pencil drawing of my composition. The second picture is of a black-and-white value study I did in oil  on tracing paper, to better judge the composition, and make any changes I might decide on. The next step shows the canvas, with the drawing transferred onto it, and the beginnings of the underpainting, done in lead white and raw umber. This serves as a guide to future painting, and also provides a unifying color base for the painting, which shows through in the final work. The forth photo shows the first laying down of glazes for the darker areas . In the next one, I have begun to paint in earnest, doing both direct painting and glazing. The final shot is in my studio, showing the set-up and the painting in progress.